Our Brand

Our name and brand reflect both our heritage and our future: Nathaniel Canopius was a Cretan scholar studying at Balliol College, Oxford, who is reputed to have brewed the first cup of coffee in England in 1637. Then in the 17th century, Edward Lloyd's coffee house became recognised as the place for obtaining marine insurance in London. Our name thus provides a strong association with the Lloyd's market, which remains at the core of our operations.

Our name also reflects our ownership. The companies that came together to form Sompo Holdings have been operating in Japan since the 1880s and have a long and distinguished track record of providing insurance and risk solutions.

Our visual identity enables us to articulate the power of our combined companies, the strength and history of Sompo Holdings and the specialist expertise of Sompo Canopius.

As part of this, we use three origami animals that reflect some of the key characteristics of our company. You can bring our brand to life with the origami materials and folding instructions in the below packs. You can also let us see what you've created. Tweet a photo of your creation to @sompocanopius using #brandorigami